Symra sin tur til USA august 2008 - Intro til framsyninga
(Symra's tour to USA august 2008 - introduction to the performance)

Tilbake til hovudsida

Frå 30 juli til 19. august var Symra på tur til Vestkysten av USA - i San Francisco først og deretter i Seattle-området. Først var det 6 dagar "ferie" i San Francisco, og så var det turne i Seattleområdet. Der var vi mest i Seattle der vi budde privat hjå medlemer i leikarringane der, mest Leikarringen til Leif Erikson Losje i Seattle.
Her er den introduksjonen som vart framført som innleiing på framsyningane.

From July 30 to August 19 Symra had a trip to the west cost of USA - first in San Francisco and then in the Seattle area.First we had 6 "holidays" in San Francisco, and then on a tour in the Seattle region. Most of the time we stayed in Seattle, wher we were accomodated privately by member of the Leikarrings, mostly the Leikarring of Leif Erikson Lodge in Seattle.
This is the introduction to the performances.


Ladies and gentlemen!

Welcome to a folklore show by the folk dance group Symra from Oslo. The dancers and musicians of this non-professional group all live in Oslo, but from the variety of our national costumes you can understand that we have got our home places in different parts of the country.
The fiddlers Solvor Sundsbø and Benjamin Kehlet are the regular musicians of the group, and they play both the violin and the Hardanger fiddle. 

The show consists of traditional Norwegian folk dances and folk music from all parts of the country. However, since Symra has its roots in western Norway, most of the dances are from this part. The program includes all the basic types of Norwegian folk dances: The village dances, the figure dances, the old pair dances and the song dances. 

In most cases the dances are performed the traditional way. But some of the dances are shortened, combined or choreographed in an attempt to enhance the artistic expression. The dances are grouped into sections based on geographic location, type of dance or music or on the content of the songs and dances. In a short handout, which you may have got already or may pick up afterwards, you find a short description of the program. 

The show today is one of 5 performances in Seattle, Junction city, Poulsbo and at Camp Brotherhood.  

If you have questions or comments we would be glad if you contact us after the performance. Please enjoy the show!